Norfolk Beach Holidays: Overcliff Lodge is minutes from Mundesley’s Blue Flag beach It sleeps 18 with en suite facilities, is dog friendly.
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On Arrival

The Parking Area is made up of gravel stones. Access to the front door (approximately 6 metres way) is via the parking area toward a concrete path. The two are linked by a small stretch of grass with concrete stepping stones. There is one step up from the gravel to the stepping stones and then a very slight step down to the path.

Alternatively guests can walk from the parking area onto the pavement and then access Overcliff Lodge via the pavement entrance. There are 3 changes of levels, via 3 shallow steps, up to the front door. There is the lip of the front door to step over to enter.

Before parking, less able bodied guests can be dropped by the stepping stones if walking over gravel is difficult. Cars can also be unloaded and loaded here.

Access to The Garden Room on foot is one slight change of level between gravel and concrete, then flat through the gate before 2 steps up into the conservatory entrance of the Garden Room. There is also a step over the lip of an inner door to enter the main studio area of The Garden Room.

There is an undercover concrete path from The Main House front door to close to The Garden Room Gate. It is an approximate 30 -40 second walk between the two if able-bodied.

We suggest parking reasonably snuggly, down the length of the hedge towards the road, allowing easy access for all. There is also a space close to the right hand side of the house facing the Garden Room gate.

Main House Access Statement


The Ground Floor consists of a Washroom (toilet & sink) close to the Front Door, a Sitting Room, Dining Room with Patio Doors to the Garden and a Kitchen. The downstairs rooms are all wooden floor boards which are a little uneven in places due to age and joins. The Kitchen floor is tiled.

Level Changes

As you enter the front door there is an approximate 2 cm drop to the inbuilt mat for wiping feet. That is repeated to step onto the wooden Hall floor.

There is an approximate 2cm rise from the Dining Room Floor to the Patio Door and then it is necessary to step over the bottom of the Patio Door Frame then an approximate 6cm drop onto the Garden Patio.

There is an approximate 2 cm rise from the Dining Room Floor to access the Kitchen.  To exit the Kitchen Door it is necessary to step over the door frame with an approximate 6 cm drop to the Garden Patio.

There is a rug in the centre of the Sitting Room.

First Floor

The staircase has a return at the bottom and the top of the staircase with 14 steps up. The width of the stairs ranges from 85cm-107cm. The depth of each stair is approximately 20cms. There is a handrail to the left and the banister to the right, as you walk up. The stairs are carpeted.

The 7 bedrooms are all same level access as the upstairs hall. The hall and bedrooms are carpeted except Single Room 4 and all the en-suites, which have cushioned Flotex flooring.  Room 4 has a bedside rug.

Fire Doors, Alarms & Procedure

All internal doors are fire doors (except downstairs bathroom and en-suite doors.)

Fire Safety

Fire Alarm Points:

  1. Downstairs Hall – to the left of the large mirror when facing it.
  2. Dining Room – on the far back wall to the left of the Kitchen Door.
  3. Kitchen – to the left of the entry door from Dining Room, in the corner to the left of the external Kitchen Door.
  4. Upstairs Hall – on the left as you reach the top of the stairs.
  5. Fire Instructions – are on the back of each bedroom door.
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    Norfolk Beach Holidays
  6. There are Fire Extinguishers in the Downstairs and Upstairs Halls and Kitchen.
  7. There is a Fire Blanket on the Kitchen Wall.
  8. Smoke Sensors are in all rooms.
  9. There are Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the Kitchen and Dining Room.
  10. There is Emergency Lighting in the Up and Downstairs Halls, Sitting and Dining Room.
  11. Torches are in each bedroom, either in the top draw of the bedside draw sets or on a shelf near to the beds.

Garden Room Access Statement & Fire Safety


  • There is an entrance mat on stepping into the Conservatory.
  • The Conservatory is tiled with underfloor heating.
  • The Main Studio living space has Laminate Flooring.

Hand Rails

  • There is a hand rail on the inner door to the main studio.
  • There is also a hand rail just inside the door to the left.

Fire Safety

  1. There is a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket on the inside left of the door to the main studio or if inside the studio, to the left of the wardrobe.
  2. There is a Smoke Alarm in the main studio.
  3. In the event of a fire leave all belongings behind and make your way to the Car Park.
  4. After leaving the Garden Room dial 999 for The Fire Brigade if you have a phone with you.

Norfolk Beach Holidays. Overcliff Lodge, Mundesley, North Norfolk.